Hotel Pirin River Ski, Fun & Family (former Pirin River Ski & Spa) is the Winner of TripAdvisor Travellers' Choice Award for seven consecutive years, leading the categories for Best Service and Family hotels in whole Bulgaria.

TripAdisors' travelers awarded Pirin River Ski & Spa as:
#1 Spa Hotel in Bansko
#1 Ski-In / Ski-Out Hotel in Bansko
#1 Family Hotel in Bansko
#1 Best Service Hotel in Bansko


I have been asked many times about the reason why so many of our guests come back to Pirin River Ski, Fun & Family (former Pirin River Ski & Spa) year after year. Well, actually there are three - our own “3 Fs” – FUN, FRIENDLINESS AND FOOD (you can put the cocktails under any of these three…). Let’s start with the food….

Delicious, hearty and nutritious breakfast – the best way to start a day that will be spent in sun and snow and cold! Seems like you are looking at the right place, because our buffet breakfast in Pirin River Ski and Spa are legendary. You are not a “breakfast person”? Believe me, after trying ours, you will become one. A wide selection of high-quality hams and salamis, cheeses and soft cheeses, hot buffet with sausages, eggs and egg specialities, bacon, hot vegetables and toasts, home-made fresh sweets and cakes, fresh fruit and fruit salads, fresh vegetables, yogurt, various types of cereals, great variety of bread, butter, our home-made jams, chocolate, Douwe Egberts coffee, Cappuccino and Hot Chocolate, Pickwick teas, Rauch fruit juices, water, hot and cold milk. We have our own home-made products (such as our guests’ favorit Pirin River jams), which we make ourselves using bio and seasonal fruit and vegetables. Whether you like to start your day with a hearty breakfast of fresh omelette, bacon and home-made pastry, or you prefer to keep it sweet with our home-made apple strudel and a cup of cappuccino or whether you get your kick from a bowl of integral cereal with yogurt and fresh fruit, you will find them from 7.00 till 10.30 at our Restaurant. Still not a breakfast person?

Since the vast majority of our guests are in the mountain doing the “FUN” part during the day, we offer for our guests an option of our tasteful lunch packages, which you can order a day before and which you get every day at the breakfast. We started to do the lunch package after several of our guests complained about the quality and the price of the food in the mountain. As with all our other food, the lunch packages are varied and made with fresh ingredients and packed in a compact leak-proof package which you can put in your jacket pocket. You can pre-book the lunch package with discount and also state your preferences as to the type of bread or other ingredients. We make lunch packages also for vegetarians, vegans and persons with allergies and dietary restrictions. 

And finally, our “pièce de résistance”- our delicious buffet dinners. Those of you, who have visited us before, know what I am talking about - Mediterranean Chicken with Lemon Sauce and fresh Rosemary, Greek Moussaka with Eggplant, Roasted Lamb with Green Beans, Ram-Steak with Fried Onion Rings, Bio-Mountain Trout with Olive Paste, Spanish Paella, Baked Potatoes with Rosemary, Cottage Pie, Breaded Fried Peppers stuffed with Feta Cheese and Bansko specialties made according to the old family recipes.  Our Kid’s Menu (home-made Chicken Nuggets, Fish Fingers, Pizza or Spaghetti Bolognese), all prepared with fresh ingredients and in the right way for the little stomachs, makes you wish you were four again. Three times a week our dinners transport you somewhere interesting – Mexico (long live Chili con Carne), Central Europe (you have to try Roasted Pork with Caraway Seeds and Sauerkraut made according to the Czech recipe of my husband’s grandmother), Mediterranean (Greek Moussaka) or even Asia (Spicy Thai Soup). Followed by Chocolate Mousse, Apple and Walnut Strudel or Cheesecake, all freshly home-made by our Chefs. Paired with a bottle of excellent Bulgarian wine - et voilà, you have the right start to a perfect evening (btw. Did you know that Bulgaria has some best world-awarded yet very affordable wines?).

To sum it up - intriguing salads, hearty home-made soups, delicious main meals and incredible deserts. Yeah, these are our buffet dinners – a gourmet choice for those who want to try all the delicious meals including international specialties as well as some local Bansko and Bulgarian gems, and at the same time do not want to wait after a day on the slopes and who love a good price-quality ratio. Especially convenient for families with children – let’s just say that we’ve seen some fuzzy eaters become I-want-to-try-it-all eaters. If you are a vegetarian, or just love occasional no-meat day, you want to know that every evening at least one soup, one salad and one main dish is vegetarian.

So what is the secret? Well, it is a combination really – always fresh ingredients (our food suppliers, regardless whether they are delivering meat, fish, cheese, fruit or vegetables, are delivering them daily), good suppliers (we have been looking for years for the right guys – local, with fresh goods, bio-oriented, often small businesses who can offer the quality we are looking for and deliver their goods fresh and daily), use of seasonal products and our home-made products (yes, we actually make our own jams from seasonal forest fruit and our own tomato sauce at the time, when the fruits and vegetables are the ripest and most healthy). Top all of that with an experienced, inventive and imaginative Chef and the most essential – our love for good food. Yeah, in Pirin River Ski & Spa we all love good food…

In case you are determined to come back from your skiing vacation one size smaller, we have our everyday “healthy option for you”. On second thought, if you really want to lose weight, better just skip the buffet dinners and go for the voucher, you will not be able to resist the temptation… Have been there….

If you are vegan or have special dietary requirements or allergies, please refer to the voucher option, in which case you will be able to spend it for meals a la carte, which will be prepared in accordance with your special dietary requirements.

According to our amazing Early Booking's promotion, you can now benefit from a 30% discount for the dinners.

Since we know that a day on the slopes will get your appetite going, our buffet dinners are starting early – 17:30 or 18:00, depending on how busy the period is, and last until 20:30-21:00.

It is possible that for low-demand periods we might have to change the format of the dinners from buffet to set menu. However, no worries, our dinners are always delicious and plentiful and we will have your special dietary requirements and preferences in mind!

Please click here to see what our guests think about our buffet breakfasts.

Please click here to see what our guests think about our buffet dinners.


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