Hotel Pirin River Ski, Fun & Family (former Pirin River Ski & Spa) is the Winner of TripAdvisor Travellers' Choice Award for seven consecutive years, leading the categories for Best Service and Family hotels in whole Bulgaria.

TripAdisors' travelers awarded Pirin River Ski & Spa as:
#1 Spa Hotel in Bansko
#1 Ski-In / Ski-Out Hotel in Bansko
#1 Family Hotel in Bansko
#1 Best Service Hotel in Bansko



Refining and firming whole-body massage with wine oil and anti-cellulite treatment

  • Whole-body massage with anti-cellulite treatment
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Strength: middle strong or strong
  • Price: 48 EUR

This intensive rejuvenating whole body massage with the wine oil containing the exceptional mixture of precious natural oils of grape, almond, sunflower and apricot will leave your muscles re-energized, your skin firm and your mind clear and relaxed. This thorough middle-strong or strong massage (depending on your preference) concentrates on relaxing and loosening up of your muscles with special attention paid to the back side of your legs and buttocks. The wine massage oil has strong anti-cellulite properties due to the unique anti-cellulite complex of myrtle resin and mint root.The massage is followed by an anti-cellulite treatment with Anti-cellulite Slimming Gel with Grapevine Extract and PROVISLIM complex, which was awarded at a universal exhibition in Milan.This unique gel effectively reduces signs of cellulite, improves skin elasticity and makes body look slim.

Wine massage oil is high-quality massage mixture of grape seed, almond, sunflower and apricot oil. Grape seed oil is great for its regenerative, softening, moisturizing and calming qualities. It creates protective layer on skin and slows down skin ageing and loss of elasticity thanks to the content of natural antioxidants. Almond oil makes skin soft, protects it and reduces its irritation. Sunflower oil softens and protects skin, markedly supports regeneration and promotes its blood circulation. Beneficial apricot oil regenerates and nourishes your skin in depth. Moreover, wine massage oil is enriched with unique anti-cellulite complex of myrtle resin and mint root. The fresh wine-fruit scent of this amazing natural oils mix intensifies the pleasant feeling resulting from the massage.

The unique gel with grapevine extract and PROVISLIM complex effectively reduces signs of cellulite, improves skin elasticity and makes body look slim. Slimming anti-cellulite gel contains antioxidant grapevine extract activating blood circulation and high percentage of active vegetable substances. PROVISLIM is the combination of two extremely pure active ingredients from natural origin: extracts from pimpinella anisum and buxus. It stimulates and enhances lipolysis (melting and removing of fatty deposits in cells), reduces storage of fat in fat tissue and improves skin elasticity.

Original wine cosmetics of MANUFACTURA is based on beneficial effects of grapevine in the form of grape seed oil, wine and peeling effect of grape-stones.

The first mentions of wine date back to the Bronze Age but in cosmetics it has not started to be used until very recently. Scientific studies proved wine to be a source of unique natural antioxidants - polyphenols. They effectively degrade free radicals resulting in skin aging and loss of elasticity, protect lipids and proteins vital to skin, make skin smooth, supple and soft, and even reduce signs of cellulite. Fruit acids contained in grapes have regenerative, moisturizing and rejuvenating qualities.

You will get an original Manufaktura cosmetic product as a free gift from us to each Manufaktura massage. Because we know that, like us, once you try it you will not be able to live without it JAnd the original traditional Manufaktura cosmetics can be bought only in one of the 48 Manufaktura shops in Czech and Slovak Republics.If you make more than one massage, you will get different cosmetic products as your free gift.


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