Hotel Pirin River Ski, Fun & Family (former Pirin River Ski & Spa) is the Winner of TripAdvisor Travellers' Choice Award for seven consecutive years, leading the categories for Best Service and Family hotels in whole Bulgaria.

TripAdisors' travelers awarded Pirin River Ski & Spa as:
#1 Spa Hotel in Bansko
#1 Ski-In / Ski-Out Hotel in Bansko
#1 Family Hotel in Bansko
#1 Best Service Hotel in Bansko


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«Anti-âge et Revitalisation Suprême» - Orexcellence Facial Pilates Massage - Ultimate Anti-age and Rejuvenating Facial Treatment with Back Massage

Duration: 60 minutes, Strength: normal or middle strong, Price: 48 EUR

The unique pressure techniques of the Facial Pilates visibly lift, remodel and re-densify your skin by strengthening the cells and accelerating circulation. The Pilates method takes inspiration from yoga, dance and gym. It treats in priority core muscles. It combines a cream mask with innovative specific gestures: deeper pressure points to boost anti-ageing efficacy. You will be surprised by the exceptional results in strengthening the face tissue cells which leads to a revived rosy, re-cushioned and rejuvenated skin. This energetic massage with sustained and deep targeted pressure includes also an intensive aromassage of your back to help achieve ultimate relax and well-being. This ultimate face therapy is ideal not only for those who are looking for an anti-age effect, but also for those who need a skin-reboost after a week spent in sun, snow and cold.


  1. Cleaning ritual
  2. Exfoliation
  3. Aromatic Welcome
  4. Aromapressure and Aromassage of the Back
  5. Professional Orexcellence Anti-age and Rejuvenating Mask
  6. Aromassage of Hands
  7. Oshibori Ending Ceremony
  8. Tonifying
  9. Supreme Anti-age and Rejuvenating Care


  • Encourages dynamic cells, re-cushions and revives skin mechanisms
  • Reduces fine lines and revives rosy skin
  • Re-shapes, fights against aging, helps to limit the loss of structure and maintains facial contours
  • Encourages natural exfoliation and hydrates the skin to improve surface glow
  • Promotes self-confidence while toning the nervous system
  • Re-boots your energy levels and clears your mind


  • Your skin will be firmer and softer with a fresh and luminous glow.
  • Your skin will be re-cushion and re-shaped and rosy-skin will be revived
  • Skin cells will be energized and fine lines will be reduced
  • You will feel rested and full of energy

Secrets of this ritual – Professional Heroes

A TRIPLE YOUTH PERFORMANCE – powerful natural ingredients contained in the Orexcellence series:

  1. Skin Youth – skin mechanism are revived due to the powerful magnolia essential oil, peony, lytchee and rhodolia extracts
  2. Body Youth – Facial Pilates drain the deep tissues and act on muscles in combination of the powerful youth-enhancing magnolia essential oil
  3. Mind Youth – get your “Youth Fix” through olfactory blending based on magnolia and ginger essential oils

OREXCELLENCE - ENERGY CONCENTRATE YOUTH MASK – this professional mask with an amazing texture creates new massage to boost mask efficacy and reshape the face. The skin looks plumper and firmer, with a fresh and luminous glow. A dense texture that perfectly melts into the skin.

The secret of its effectiveness lays in its powerful ingredients – it contains:

  • Magnolia - encourages dynamic cells, re-cushions the skin, revives skin mechanisms, its scent it promotes self-confidence while toning the nervous system
  • Ginger - tonifies and provides an intense sensation of warmth on the skin, its scent has energizing notes that stimulate our intellect and boost optimism
  • Extracts of Peony (reshapes, fights against aging, helps to limit the loss of structure and maintains facial contours), Rhodolia (cell energizer, physical and intellectual stimulant), Lychee (normalizes skin tone, revives rosy skin),
  • Jasmine and Ylang-Ylang essential oils - often associated in the olfactory compositions of luxurious perfumes. Their scents are powerful and charismatic, they invite us to boldly take time for ourselves.
  • Sandalwood Essential Oil is part of the sacred trees trilogy in Solomon’s Temple. Its smell brings calm and serenity, itsmolfactory aspects are creamy and warm.

Apart from the powerful natural ingredients of the other orexcellence products, it contains also three ingredients which contribute to a radiant complexion, capture free radicals and control pigmentation for optimal shine and vibrancy.

  • Mild keratolytic complex: encourages natural exfoliation and hydrates the skin to improve surface glow.
  • Hyaluronic acid that contributes to smoothing the skin’s surface and maintains an ideal level of hydration. It is also an immediate surface plumper.
  • Vitamin C derivative: known for its antioxidant properties and for controlling pigmentation processes for the effect of an even complexion.

AROMESSENCE BODY BALM RELAX INTENSE is a 100% natural body balm created for relaxing massage in order to balance energy flows and ease away tensions. It

  • Eliminates tensions in the body
  • Nourishes and softens the skin
  • Helps to induce the feelings of well-being and relaxation

The secret of its effectiveness lays in its powerful natural ingredients – it contains essential oils of vetiver, vanilla, ylang-ylang and tonka bena resinoid combined with macadamia botanical oil, cupuacu and shea butter.


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